Sunday, October 11, 2015

American Placebo

While some people might define the term Placebo Politics as an attempt to provide quick fixes to certain serious political maladies, the way I use it when it comes to describing Obama’s foreign policies is as a synonym for the politics of obfuscation: a methodical endeavor to avoid having to review one’s policies and reassess one’s worldview even as they clash with reality. We can also refer to this phenomenon as the “Shirk ‘N’ Shift” – shirk the responsibility and shift the blame. President Obama has become a master of this particular art, and his ability to insert an opiate into the mix has been quite helpful as well.

What is that opiate? Security of course.

Yes, President Obama himself admits that the world is growing more and more turbulent and less and less safe for others, but America is safe, he asserts, and our interests are protected. So it seems that we are supposed at this stage to simply watch the ugliness unfolding around us while wringing our hands and enjoying the relative safety we are afforded, ignoring any potential long-term consequences as well as our sense of humanity in the process. Hell, the Administration is not even developing any plans for dealing with the humanitarian consequences of this policy! 

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