Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Eye for Credibility

What credibility do they have those who negotiate with us while subjecting us to their bombs and death machines? Those who want us to fight an alleged common enemy with whom they do regular business, and while they themselves are busy fighting only us?

Like so many Arabs, I have spent my entire life hearing arguments about how this side is worse than the other, why there could be no compromise, why this time is different and this particular moment is a turning point, only to see reality get ever uglier, and the goals for which we are supposedly fighting disappear further and further beyond the horizon.

I have long grown sick and tired of the lies we tell ourselves, I have grown disgusted with emotional reactions, no matter how momentary and justified they might be, and I am appalled by the cynicism that underlies it all.

If we really believe that hate is destructive then we should avoid hating. If we seriously believe that racism is wrong, then, we should stop being racist ourselves. If we are truly struggling for justice than our methods should also be just. And if our enemies are pushing us into a corner hoping to turn us into monsters, then, our focus should be on protecting our humanity. What humanity have we left when we continue to celebrate death, even under the romanticized name of martyrdom and the “they-started-it” justification?

No, an eye-for-an eye does not turn the entire world blind. The world has to be blind first, not to mention mute and dumb, to believe in such a foolish notion. 

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