Thursday, October 8, 2015

For a Little Bit of Sobriety

And you are not in Syria, since no one has sent you there yet.

Some wants to see Syria become a quagmire for Russia. I don’t. Syria was a quagmire of corruption before the revolution, and has become a quagmire for everything now. More of the same, and more cooks vying for the title of Top Chef, is not a solution. Those who care for Syrians, and Syria, should realize that the last thing we want is more mayhem. What we need is an end to this foolishness, to the proxy wars within proxy wars, to the scandalous show of indifference and moral apathy, the pretense of toothlessness and helplessness in the face of unwanted challenges, and to the endless show of machoism, bravado, and insanity. We need a measure of sobriety, not idealism, sobriety, in order to deal with the reality confronting us using the tools that are really needed, not the ones we prefer, to end the suffering of the Syrian people. 

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