Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Caricaventures of Mr. Johnny Obviously!

Bashar al-Assad’s crimes against humanity, caught on camera: A trove of pictures of atrocious abuse is pronounced genuine
Meanwhile, a lesser electrifying encounter demonstrates exactly how not to work with “a difficult leader” in the Kremlin: No 'regime change' in Syria: After talks in Moscow, Kerry accepts Russian stance on Assad. If finding common grounds with autocrats requires us to forgive systematized mass slaughter and protect said autocrats from the terrible consequences of their actions, what does defeat look like, especially when the foreseen benefits fail to include fighting the alleged common enemy? Indeed, it’s all about drainage, you see, the Obama Administration has allowed Putin to drink all its milkshake and erase all its red lines.

Just listen to sniveling Mr. Kerry after his meeting with a chuckling Mr. Lavrov. Do you hear what I hear? A song high above the trees, with a voice as big as the sea declaring America’s shirking of any moral responsibility towards the children of Syria, just in time for Christmas. Pray for peace, people everywhere, and let your conscience sleep.

"The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change," Kerry told reporters in the Russian capital after meeting President Vladimir Putin. A major international conference on Syria would take place later this week in New York, Kerry announced… But after a day of discussions with Assad's key international backer, Kerry said the focus now is "not on our differences about what can or cannot be done immediately about Assad." Rather, it is on facilitating a peace process in which "Syrians will be making decisions for the future of Syria."… Kerry said, "No one should be forced to choose between a dictator and being plagued by terrorists." However, he described the Syrian opposition's demand that Assad must leave as soon as peace talks begin as a "nonstarting position, obviously."


But what Russia’s venture in Syria did accomplish so far, other than actually helping IS, is this: 80% Aid Cut, 260,000 Displaced, Infrastructure Damaged. And that’s only a small part of the price of realism. The other will be paid at home, and no, I am not talking about terrorism, I am talking about the growing hate within

And what Assad has accomplished with Russia’s and Iran’s help is even worse, much worse. Yet this is the person we are asked to differ judgement on because asking for his ouster is a “nonstarting position, obviously.” Obviously.

One also has to wonder whether Shia militias and death squads operating in Syria and who remains responsible for more carnage than even Daesh and Al-Nusra will ever get classified as terrorist organizations, as indeed they should. Considering Mr. Obviously’s fondness for the Shirk ‘N’ Shift, one should not hold one’s breaths.

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