Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Foretold Misadventures of Donny Boy and Vladdipus, Episode 1: A song, a note, and some pee

The aftermath of a Russian Air Raid in Aleppo City

The Occasional Trumpist: Condemned by friends and allies from all over the world, and embraced by America’s number one enemy, what does Donald Trump do? He ignores America’s friends and allies, and embraces her enemy. Trumputin is born.

For those of you who are not familiar with the marvels, wonders and gems of the Holy Deliricon, and who have not read this recent edition of DDGD, Trumputin is a nightmarish creature by all accounts, but one whose existence in the real world was thought to have been avertible, until now. For now that he came into being, there is an urgent need to fulfill a certain prophecy, one that promised to chronicle the inevitable misadventures of this fantastical being in a series titled The Misadventures of Donny Boy and Vladdipus.

So, and without any further ado, here they are…

The Foretold Misadventures of Donny Boy and Vladdipus
Episode 1: A song, a note, and some pee

Let’s start with a song:

Oh Donny Boy, your hype, your hype is going
From bad to worse and up where the sun doesn’t shine
You made a stink, and now the winds are blowing
It’s you, it’s you who shat, you filthy cock-sucking swine.

Now, a note:

If we are to judge the Russian military by its current display in Syria, then, it’s obviously a joke. But if Putin drank his own Kool Aide, then, the world is in trouble, because a joke of an army is still capable of spreading mayhem. Yes, even when the economy is in shambles and the military in tatters, rather, on account of that, we cannot rule out more (mis)adventures. Putin is achieving victory be media, but in the real world, his kingdom is in trouble, and his throne is beginning to wobble.

Pee for Pu: Putin just made a major admission about one of Russia's primary goals in Syria. “We did not start the war" in Syria, Putin told reporters during his end-of-year news conference from Moscow, according to a translation by the state-sponsored news agency Russia Today. He added: "We are just conducting separate operations, using our air forces, air defense, intelligence. This is not a serious burden for the budget ... It's hard to imagine a better exercise [for the Russian forces]. So we can train there [in Syria] for a long time without any serious harm to our budget."

So, Pu’s intervention in the Syrian conflict was merely meant as an affordable exercise for Russian forces. And what that thing in eastern Ukraine? Another exercise? Yes. It seems that Vladdie has finally drunk his Kool Aide, and it turned out to be his own piss. Of what else could the tyrants’ Kool Aide be made? Ah yes: the blood of the innocents of course: Syria conflict: Russian air strikes 'killed 200 civilians'.

Join us soon, for Episode 2: How Donny Boy got schlonged on his own petard! 

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