Friday, January 8, 2016

NoKo Goes Hydrogenic. Jong Un Still Unhygienic

The Boy King Gets A New Toy That Can Go Boom And Kill Millions. Happy New Year 새해 복 많이 받으세요
Comparisons Don’t Support North Korea’s Claims of a Hydrogen Bomb, Experts Say. Be that at it may, North Korea is reasserting itself as a major security threat. What Next? I can foresee something in the North Korea’s future that no one is talking about. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of North Korean soldiers fighting in places like Syria, and perhaps even eastern Ukraine, on behalf of their allies (Iran and Russia), all for the right price, and with Jong Un’s support of course. What then? Without Chinese cooperation, serious sanctions cannot be implemented. But even should China cooperate, the impact of some of these sanctions could be alleviated if Russia and Iran chose to intervene.

The presidents of various nations issued condemnations heard around their heads. You want your condemnations to mean something: defeat IS and Assad, and sanction Iran; perhaps then, you'll be taken seriously. Obama's policies, even if right, are perceived as a sign of weakness by many; that perception alone is a conflict driver and will lead to multiple challenges in the future. This is not some Monday night quarterbacking; this has been a contention of mine for years.

During the last few years, the Assad regime, Iran, Russia, North Korea and terrorists groups like Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and Boko Haram amply demonstrated how impunity and mass systematic cruelty can actually work in helping one achieve some of its goals, at least, and to escape the consequences of their actions. The demonstration, however, would not have been possible had the behavior of these actors not been met with tergiversations, indifference, continuous handwringing and a never ending Shirk& Shift routine by the U.S. and other Western governments.

Unless we choose to change our response to these bad actors, and our current strategies for managing the Syrian conflict in particular, Russia and Co. will get more defiant and will inspire more imitators, and we will witness more conflicts and more impunity all around the world, and it will not be long before we begin feeling the impact at home. Nothing is containable anymore. If we see it, hear it, feel it, sense it, think it, dream it, then, we will be affected by it. This is the essence of our hyper-connectivity. Eventually, there will be consequences, for all. The problem, however, is that when we leave it to Fate to decide outcomes on such critical issues 

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