Monday, January 4, 2016

Of Juju and Mojo!

State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as a 2015 win. What is that powerful Juju that you do do at the Obama Administration that makes you feel soooo outta this world, man? So much so that you see peace in havoc, victory in failure, wisdom in amoral folly, and a great ambassador for women’s empowerment in the Muslim World in a person as angry and, perhaps, self-loathing, as Ayan Hirsi Ali? Wrong Mojo!

Regarding Syria, my objection should be obvious, but perhaps not to an administration run by a President like Mr. Barack Slug-on-Crack Obama and a Secretary of State like Mr. Johnny Obviously. They see wasteland, made by others admittedly but allowed to happen through their indifference, and they call it peace, and their acceptance of the consequences of their acceptance victory.

Regarding Ayan, I understand why she should feel how she feels, I was in her position at one point in my life, that period when you get disillusioned with something that was part of your life for so long (albeit as a woman and a victim of FGM, her personal experiences are far tougher than mine). It’s normal to feel angry at the time, and to hold that thing in particular disdain for a while thereafter. But continuing to do so for so long, and to intellectualize it even, is quite pathological. I am so over that particular period in my life, I cannot even remember how it felt, or understand the appeal. But that my autistic part, I guess. I mean I feel the same about my literal yesterday at this stage. Others are bound to have some lingering feelings and sensations. Still, to have so much anger inside of you to this day, as to continue seeing Islam as particularly toxic, does give me pause. There are far more objective reasons for the toxicity imbuing the lives of people of in Muslim-majority countries and communities that are far more relevant than Islam. Islam is only a small part of the problem, and treating it with so much anger and disdain is counterproductive. Not that I am against heresy and ridicule, hell now, I am against the negative exceptionalism projected onto Islam.

No, Islam is not particularly evil, and the great majority of our problems will not be over if we turned away from it towards other faith systems. The rule of reason doesn’t completely require a disbelief in the metaphysical, it simply demands that we be less assertive about it, or, at very least, nonviolent in our assertion of it. When faith breeds anger and hate rather than serenity and confidence, there is something definitely wrong with it, but that seems a problem with the particular faithful lot involved rather than the faith itself. The same observation holds true for faithlessness.

I am not trying to vilify Ayan, but being fellow heretics should not spare us from each other’s criticism, even if vehement. We can bicker and still stand by each other’s right to have different opinions.

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