Monday, January 4, 2016

Syriosis: Peace Talks, Deaths & Lavish Celebrations

Syria: A top rebel's death casts doubt over Bashar al-Assad's intentions. Oh come on. Bashar's intentions have always been clear, ever since he became the heir apparent even. There’s no point in raising this issue anymore. We are dealing with a genocidal killer, pure and simple, a man whose’ sole interest is to remain in play as an "indispensable leader," even if that called on him to whore himself, and the tattered remains of the country that he continues to treat as his personal fiefdom, to the Iranians and Russians. The Annals of Shame is stock-full of maniacal figures yet, and despite his mediocrity in our world, there… there he shines.

The lavish side of Syria that Americans never see. “The documentary, "Inside Assad's Syria," opens with young Syrians drinking and dancing at a rooftop bar in Damascus, which seems unfathomable with the contrasting footage of constant bombing and tank fighting going on in the capital city. It also shows lavish resorts, wealthy Syrians enjoying the Mediterranean beach, and regime loyalists attending the national symphony.” Well, that gives a new meaning to the term “dances despite her wounds,” which was the title of a movie directed by my late father back in the early 1970s. The difference here of course is that the dancers are not the ones who are injured, and that there is nothing heroic or admirable in their dancing while their country falls apart, and they continue to celebrate and lionize, so to speak, the man responsible for it all. My father’s movie was meant as socialist celebration of a marginalized and reviled figure in our society: the belly-dancer, by showing her human, noble and self-sacrificing side. It condemned both the elite and traditional morality. How things have changed! Under Assad rule, the country became chockful of dancers of all types, but none of them is noble, not to mention heroic. And their new morality is much worse than the traditional one. IS, Al-Nusra and other extremist groups are but pale mirror reflections of Assad’s loyalists, and to a lesser extent, the rest of us as well. Those who cheer are worse than those who do the actual killing. They are all drenched in guilt.

And this is another side of Syria’s lavish side: Nepalese women trafficked to Syria and forced to work as maids “Unscrupulous agents lure women into conflict zones with promises of employment abroad only to leave them working long hours for little or no pay.” I guess, Assad’s wealthy loyalists, and those loyalists by proxy, that is, through their silence, don’t have enough access to enough downtrodden Syrians to abuse; they now have to import them. Poor Assad & loyalists. Or, in the parlance of the international left, the real revolutionaries and the true face of the legitimate resistance to imperialism. Sometimes true colors are as ugly as the various shades of shit.

Hezbollah Fighters Are Fed Up With Fighting Syria’s War. Well, dying for an Ass is as appetizing as dying for few dozen virgins, and Hezbollah fighters know they are dying for an Ass. But in the meantime, Hezbollah fighters are playing in active part in the siege of Madaya: War in Syria: Up to 40,000 civilians are starving in besieged Madaya, say campaigners “Miles from the border with Lebanon, residents of a Syrian town are being forced to eat insects, plants and even cats after a siege lasting six months, hemmed in by land mines and Hezbollah forces.” Their comrades in nearby Zabadani recently had to surrender to the inevitable as part of a deal. The same scenario seems to be in the works here.  

And when one is dealing with an Ass one is bound to confront Assholery. There is what the Talentless Mr. Shitly has just done: Syria Arrests Opposition Figures on Way to Riyadh Meeting, then, Syria releases prominent opposition figures. Yeah, it’s a catch and release program for autocrat entertainment. For at end of the day, it’s the very assholes who initially broke it who will end up talking about how to further break it. They will talk, they will spit…

The Kurds Are Coming: Turkey may finally be 'accepting the inevitable' in Syria. Leave it to my senescent country of origin and a lingering passion to turn everybody into a fatalist. But the sum total of my experiences so far, and the few insights that I have managed to draw from it, inform me that the inevitable is more often a haphazard creation than a haphazard occurrence, a product of unintended, semi-intended, or not really intended, at least not for now, consequences.

Finally, Syria said goodbye to 2015 with over 55,000 dead.

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