Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shame As A Necessary Good

Assavros calls on all the Shialeks of the world to come to Syria to exterminate the reviled Sunnimies

Why Obama fails the leadership test in the Middle East. “The US "better safe than sorry" approach to the Middle East has proven dangerous.” Indeed, the Obama administration created more chaos in the Middle East, but it did so, on the cheap. That’s the nature of its accomplishment: not less chaos, but cheaper chaos. More importantly perhaps, contrary to its predecessor, which recognized its fuck ups at one point, owned up to them, and tried to correct them through the surge, rekindling the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and remaining committed to isolating the Assad regime, the Obama administration seems quite content with its fuckups. Indeed, the administration and its realist supporters seem committed to seeing wisdom in their folly, and triumphs in their multiplying defeats, and to congratulating themselves on all this, right up to the Gates of Hell, and even as they step inside pulling the rest of us behind them. Talk about ideology. Realism turns out to be the more dangerous ideology of all. 

So, and as stories of "extermination" of detainees and of Russia’s use of cluster munition come out, nothing will change, because no one in the administration sees a need for change. What’s happening in Syria is everybody else’s problem, and fault. And it’s actually good, since it is draining our enemies’ resources, sapping their energy, and preventing them from shifting their focus elsewhere… and it’s others that are paying the price for all this. Isn’t amorality wonderful?  We can watch other people fuck each other while we reap the benefit.

As for that possibility that we might see ourselves one day friendless and surrounded by enemies united in our hatred, the realists would like to remind us that we have the strongest military in the world, even when compared with all other armies combined. Well, that may be, but, doesn’t such facile calculus represent exactly what hubris is made of?

Be that as it may, and considering all the above, I can only conclude by saying: Fuck you President Obama and Secretary Kerry. Fuck you both from all my heart. Personally, I'll never forget the day when Kerry paid a visit to Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus back in January 2005, right after his defeat to Bush in the elections, and by way of trying to undermine Bush’s Syria policy at the time. The series of interrogations to which I was subjected took place right after this visit, and were, in a way, a product of it. Assad had been avoiding me up until then, for fear of antagonizing America. But once reassured that there were powerful people in the Senate who stood by him, and thought of him as a reformer and an ally even, my immunity disappeared, and that space for activism which my family, my colleagues and I have created inside Syria began to shrink continuously until we were ordered out of the country. Now, the same person is involved in sealing Syria’s fate, and not only mine, and that of the liberal democrats. Admittedly, we were always few, but we were pioneers, we led. And for all the boasting of leftist and Islamists, this was our revolution to begin with, and we were betrayed first, and foremost. We had to be. With us out of the way, with few nonviolence advocates and moderates on the scene, the administration can then justify the betrayal of the entire country. Where are the moderates? They keep asking. Right!

Well, again, fuck you sir, and sir, and all you SOBs who support their policies on Syria. Fuck you all for being such good and decent folk on so many domestic issues and so amorally tribal when it comes to certain foreign affairs. Fuck you all for being so good at compartmentalizing your sense of decency and humanity, for imposing geographical limitations on them. 

To His Undying Shame! Kerry 'blames opposition' for continued Syria bombing. He also warns them that rebels will be decimated as Russia intensifies its bombing campaign over the next three months. So, nothing that the Russians and Iranians are currently doing in Syria comes as a surprise to the people in the Obama administration, and none of it seems to meet with their disapproval. At this stage, none of this is surprising, but every bit of it is still disgusting. What a shame! What a crying shame!

For A Little More Shame: Syria: Assad regime kills so many detainees it amounts to 'extermination' of civilian population, UN says. “UN investigators called the deaths of those detained by the regime a crime against humanity.Russia/Syria: Daily Cluster Munition Attacks. “Increased Use of Widely Banned Weapon.” The one line the West keeps repeating about Syria that is helping Assad win the war. “As the diplomats called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis… pro-regime forces were encircling Aleppo — Syria's largest city — aided by heavy Russian airstrikes that are estimated to have killed scores of civilians.” But of course none of this means anything. It’s not the responsibility of the leaders of the most powerful nation on earth to do anything to stop this, not to mention prevent it when they could. Because, as history has repeatedly shown, principles and wise-ass utterances aside, with great power comes great indifference to the suffering of others. For it’s by caring for others that we become weak. 

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