Saturday, February 27, 2016

No Friend of Mine!

The willfully ignorant and the Ideologues are not friends of ours!

The comment below was left on my Facebook page by a certain Steven C. Hunt. Below that comment is my own response: 
“Whatever your past conflicts with the Syrian government, if you align with sectarian forces that have hijacked the 2011 protests, then you have no credibility as a secular voice or persona. The role played by cynical external, imperialist forces in this mayhem is well documented. Thankfully, they are losing. I am supporting the Syrian people, and the legitimate government in this situation. The US, Saudis, Qataris, and Turks are not friends of the Syrian people.”
My response: 
“Long before the Revolution, sectarian forces have hijacked the government in Syria. It's the Assad regime's sectarian tendencies over the last 40 years that paved the way to this catastrophe. You also ignore the role of Russian and Iranian imperialism in this matter.
I am not interested in appearing credible to ideologues and people who are so deeply misinformed about the situation in Syria, and so unwilling to examine all relevant facts, yet quite willing to stand by the Assad regime calling it legitimate, as though we ever had free elections, and as though the Assad regime, by UN reckoning, is not the entity responsible for over 90% of all the dead, tortured, cleansed and raped, and most of the damage to the country's infrastructure.
True, judging by their actions, neither Obama’s US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey nor Qatar are friends of the Syrian people. But neither are the Russians, the Iranians, the Assad regime itself, or members of Hezbollah and the Shia/Alawite-manned or led militias fighting for it.
Moreover, and quite respectfully, sir, neither are you, since you remain an avowed ally of their oppressor." 

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