Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Illusionists

The Obama Administration scores another “peace in our time” moment. This one fails to convince even its authors.  Peacemaking like this gives warmongering a stiff competition.
In a sign of how contained the Syrian conflict was/is, “Russia raises specter of interminable or 'world war' if Syria talks fail.” "You have no one power that can act alone," Medfiendeaf said. "You have Assad and his troops on one side and some grouping, which is fighting against the government on the other side. It is all very complicated. It could last years or even decades. What's the point of this?" How lucky is the world, then, that the talks did not fail: World powers agree Syria ceasefire, says John Kerry. Indeed, according to Mr. Laughrough, there were "reasons to hope we have done a great job today." As opposed to yesterday and tomorrow, I guess.

Especially tomorrow, because Russia and pro-Iranian militias on the ground are not yet ready to attack Aleppo, they need time to prepare and equip themselves for the job, all while fortifying their own positions. Under the excuse of fighting against Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State, they can still engage in hostilities to complete and strengthen their encirclement of Aleppo and other rebel strongholds in central Syria, without seeming to break the terms of the ceasefire. The Obama Administration will likely oblige, as this ceasefire seems only meant to help it save face, rather than rebel or even civilian lives. And the legacy of an administration that was meant to end America’s involvement in wars through increased dependence on amorality, illusions, and hypocrisy, will be, suitably enough, more wars that future administrations will have to manage. As for relief efforts, we had already seen how relief worked in the case of the town of Madaya, northwest of Damascus, as soon as world attention shifted, the status quo ante prevailed and people are still dying of starvation there. There is a lot of hypocrisy here: Syria Analysis: It’s Not a “Ceasefire” — It’s Cover for the US and Russia.

Indeed and the Telegraph has noted, this is: A ceasefire war criminals don't have to observeThe latest 'ceasefire' deal for Syria turns the idea of peace on its head: no-one who signed up to it has to observe it, and nor do terrorists or war criminals.

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