Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Kith & Kinzer misleading the American public

The Attack is meant to undermine plans for creating a safe zone for Syrian refugees north of Aleppo. 

STEPHEN KINZER: The media are misleading the public on Syria. True, but not as Kinzer argues. If anything, it’s the Obama administration and people like Kinzer who have been misleading the American and world public about the war in Syria, and about the true price of abandoning the Syrian people and traditional allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia. For as problematic as these allies’ behavior has been both in general and in regard to the Syria War in particular, it’s still far less problematic than the active campaign of ethnic and sectarian cleansing being carried out by Iran and Russia, using the Assad regime and Shia militias, and more recently pro-PKK Kurdish forces, as their proxies and blunt instruments.

By taking over and cleansing the proposed buffer zone from Arab rebels, the Kurdish militias affiliated with the PYD hope to create a Kurdish statelet stretching from north Aleppo to the northeastern borders with Iraq

Moreover, the impact of the Obama’s administration Syria policy can now be felt in other areas as well, including eastern Ukraine, and South China Sea. For no amount of rationalization on part of Kinzer and other “realists” can convince world leaders, including America’s European allies, and not only its “lesser” allies in the Middle East (for that’s how they are being treated at this stage), not to mention its enemies, can change current perceptions and attitudes regarding the Administration’s resolve. What this means in practice is that many of America’s allies will think twice and thrice before following America’s leadership on anything in the future, not only for the duration of this administration’s time in office, but perhaps for a long while after that. In the meantime, America’s enemies are bound to become far more aggressive than they have been since the end of the Cold War. The realists won’t address that. The realists are the biggest deceivers and liars of all, and have successfully manipulated media coverage and popular attitudes to justify their disastrous immoral policies. Painting themselves as people struggling against all sorts of odds and pressures in order to get heard has been a tactic of theirs from the beginning, a tactic to which they have resorted time and again in order to deflect attention from the fact that they have been in the driver seat all along, and that what’s currently unfolding in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and eastern Ukraine is in no small part the result of their “strategic insights.”

Obama vs. Self: America Is Now Fighting A Proxy War With Itself In Syria. “Confusion in the Obama administration’s Syria policy is playing out on the ground as U.S.-backed groups begin battling each other.But this is how the realists will interpret this development: See, we told you it’s complicated, and it’s a quagmire. This is what intervention gets you. We should have stayed out. We have to pull out and let these people fight it amongst themselves, and when they are ready for peace, we’ll be ready to help. This is of course the wrong lesson to draw, but not if you’re a realist and your intent on inaction, and on denying the reality of where a haphazard policy of minimal interventions here and there has played in the hands of the Russians, the Iranians, the Islamic State Jihadis, Kurdish PYD militias and the remnants of the Assad regime, making things worse for most Syrians, and helping generate more refugees.

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