Sunday, February 21, 2016

Whistle While You Cleanse!

Syrian refugees at the eastern part of the Jordanian border in 2014 (AFP/UNHCR)

The Cleansing: Air strikes and fear drive thousands south from Daraa towards Jordan. “Humanitarian officials warn of fresh crisis amid reports of 70,000 people on the move towards Syria's closed southwestern border.” A similar wave of refugees is also gathering in the North along the borders with Turkey. The attackers at this stage include: Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah, Shia militias from Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, pro-regime Alawites militias, and Kurdish fighters affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian branch of the PKK. The scorched earth policy followed by this lot ensures that the refugees, the overwhelming majority of whom Sunni Muslims have no place to return to even when and should the fighting ever stop.

Lest they be accidentally cleansed! U.S. quietly tells Russia where American troops are located inside Syria. “The disclosure reveals an expanded level of military–to-military communication and cooperation between the two countries beyond the basic “memorandum of understanding,” or MOU, that was signed in October and focused on safety protocols for air crews operating in Syrian air space.” This way both sides can about their business in peace: the Russians with their ethnic cleaning campaign, and the Americans with whatever the hell they think they are doing, but aren’t.

Even the liberation of IS stronghold in Shadadi seems inconsequential. After all the liberators are Kurdish militias who, while working with Americans in the East and Russians in the West, are pushing for the establishment of an independent state, or at least an autonomous enclave for now, in parts of Syria rather than a free Syria – a state that will not be hospitable to Arabs, even who already live there, nor will it be democratic, or accommodating or other Kurds who are not members of the PYD and true believers in its totalitarian ideology.

The Smiling Caliph: ISIS smiles big at Russia’s offensive in Syria. “While Moscow’s battle-plan could succeed in the short term in handing military victories to Assad and pro-Iranian groups, it is a recipe for a counterterrorism disaster in the long run, and one that largely benefits ISIS.” This assessment, of course, goes against the wisdom promulgated by the Great Cock of Bullshitshire who wants us to believe that Assad, the Iranians and the Russians are actually doing battle with ISIS, which is supported by the Great Satan that is America. But, at this stage, spin has become irrelevant. Those who see will not be deceived, while the willfully blind will never see. 

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