Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The GOP & the Trumpmire

The GOP’s only way out of the Trumpmire is to expel him from the Party, thus forcing him to run as independent. Even though the move would, in practical terms, amount to handing the elections to the Democrats; on the longer run, it could work in favor of GOP’s leadership who, by taking the high moral ground, would be well positioned to work on reconstituting the Party and reconnecting with the base over the next 4-8 years. What other options do they really have?

A brokered convention that will choose Marco Rubio over Donny Boy is bound to backfire and produce the same results: a Democrat victory, all while further discrediting the GOP and its leadership.  And choosing Trump just to have a possibility to win the elections is by now clearly an immoral choice, and one with which the GOP leadership is clearly not comfortable. Republican leaders have to do the right thing, then, and concede that the rise of Trump comes as a natural product of their fear-mongering, race-baiting and shameless brown-nosing of the rich and powerful for the last two decades at the very least. They really need to find other methods to promote their conservative ideals. And while I am not a believer in most of these ideals, I know many who are, and they are too decent to be represented by any of the idiots currently on display. I also know that a healthy democracy should offer its electorates more than a choice between anarchism and fascism.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are also facing their own problem and cannot afford to wrest on their laurels. The actually don’t have any. The Bernmania is not a healthy phenomenon, no matter how sincere and sweet the man behind it may seem.  There is more at stake than personality traits here. But millions of young Democrats seem willing to bet on a foolish dream: electing a President who has no possibility in Hell of getting anything done, because he will never have the needed Congressional support. Electing a Bernie will get you a BernOut. Those who feel the Bern today will have to deal with the Berning tomorrow.

In brief if young Democrats, or Republican, want to produce a serious political change, they need to focus on Congressional elections, as well as their local elections. Revolutions are led from the bottom.

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