Friday, May 6, 2016

Democracy. Secularism. Justice.

I am not sure if Sadiq Khan is goingto do well as mayor of London, but it is important to note here that he is a Muslim and he was ELECTED by Muslims and non-Muslims alike to be mayor of a city where the majority population is non-Muslim and where Muslims have so far had little historic imprint due to their relatively recent arrival onto the scene.

So, in secular democratic countries, and despite lingering racist attitudes and failed policies of integration, Muslims of all colors and backgrounds tend to fare far better, and even thrive, in comparison to how things are for Muslims in countries where they are often the overwhelming the majority, countries most of which remain autocratic, anti-modern and underdeveloped.

The lesson: Democracy and secularism, not Sharia rule, not taking the Quran as a political constitution, are the key ingredients Muslims need to build better lives for themselves in this world. People thrive where justice thrives, even if it’s imperfect. And justice as a notion and a human need is not something that only the followers of a particular religion can produce. 

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