Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Fellow Americans: Wise UP!

Donald Trump is frankly much smarter than his opponents give him credit. For yes, it’s not beyond him to repackage and reboot himself – his life so far has been a series of moments of self-reinventions and repackaging tailored specifically to help him deal with certain developments in his life, usually that has a commercial significance. After that, he always snaps back to his usual corny self, until the next moment comes. This means that he has a real chance at winning, despite the demographic challenge facing him as a Republican in a country where the major population centers have gone steadily over the last two decades or so in the direction of the Democrats. But the Sanders phenomenon proves that isolationism is a popular choice among American these days. And as more people seem ready to vote, perhaps for the first time in decades, if not ever, in the coming elections, it is quite likely that many of them will end up choosing Trump over Clinton. In fact, Trump might be the reason why they will choose to vote.

No, this is not the most likely scenario, but this a likely scenario. Those interested in avoiding it must take it seriously and plan their campaign accordingly.

But even if Trump ended up losing this election, the loss may not signal the end of his phenomenon. Should the battle be closely fought, Trump might spend the next four years consolidating his hold on the Republican Party and reinventing it before turning up again in 2020. So, Hillary in fact needs to defeat Trump, then, have an excellent first term before we can claim that the Trump phenomenon was effectively contained. Ad we are speaking here of the phenomenon as reduced to the man himself but not necessarily to the populist isolationist nationalist ethos he presents, which is bound to linger for a while longer, or what political choices other members of his family might eventually make. 

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