Saturday, July 30, 2016

Putin’s Long Fangs

“Despite some of his colorful links to Russia, Banks’ ascent represents an import of some of the less desirable elements of U.S. campaigning into the British political process. A new precedent has been set: money can generate a political career and “facts” are seen as an electoral liability. In a closely fought referendum with vast implications for the UK and the Western world, he has undoubtedly made a serious impact.

So, after 8 years of reset policies, Putin has grown long fangs and is now attacking democracies at home, including the UK and the US. This is what trying to be reasonable and peaceful when dealing with corrupt dictators gets you: they lie, they defy, and they emerge empowered. Hacking servers and help funding Brexit might seem innocuous at first, until you add in support for Bashar Al-Assad, the GĂ©nocidaire of Syria, annexing Crimea, invading east Ukraine and threatening the Baltic States. Putin has done immeasurable harm to world order, because no one has opposed him.

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