Friday, August 5, 2016

A Belated & Irrelevant Show of Sympathy

Obama: Big Chunk of My Gray Hair Comes Out of Syria Meetings:
President Obama talks about one of the biggest issues of his presidency, the civil war in Syria, and how it weighs on him.” 
Nice try Mr. President, but you’re fooling no one. The moment you refused to impose a no-fly/no-go zone you condemned us all to hell. And none of the excuse you offered made any sense: the plan did not call for massive deployment of American military might, and did not call for thousands of American troops to be sent to Syria, and, had it been done early on in the crisis, it would hot have even called for arming rebels, as they were none. Once Assad was deprived of his military advantage, protesters would have taken over most towns and cities in Syria and would have been able to provide effective governance. Negotiations under international supervision would have accomplished the rest. No, this is not wishful thinking. We have seen these dynamics play out in the first 8-12 months. Assad’s extremely violent tactics coupled with your indifference combined to transform the situation into a civil war, a proxy war, and the largest global humanitarian catastrophe in decades.

Barack Obama says he does not trust Russia over peace in Syria.
"I am not confident that we can trust the Russians and Vladimir Putin, which is why we have to test [them].” If they don’t play ball, "Russia will have shown itself very clearly to be an irresponsible actor on the world stage that is supporting a murderous regime and will have to answer to that on the international stage.
But how will this impression of Russia as “an irresponsible actor on the world stage” help stop its multiplying war crimes in support of Assad’s “murderous regime”? Russia’s crimes now include bombing civilian neighborhoods, targeting hospitals and doctors, and using internationally banned weapons such as white phosphorus, vacuum and cluster bombs. And still we expect Putin to show he’s willing to become a responsible actor? And let’s not forget Iran of course.

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