Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anti What Establishment?

The Putin-Trump Mind Meld, A Wondrous Enterprise

 If a billionaire entrepreneur who pays little or no tax, invests more outside the country than inside,
employs illegal migrants to work in his businesses, periodically file for bankruptcy, often commiserate with other billionaire entrepreneurs and corrupt officials, including dictators, from around the world, and who employs the most notorious of advisers to corrupt global autocrats to manage his presidential campaign, and whose most trusted family member, to put it mildly, is seen commiserating with mistresses of autocrats who have repeatedly declared their disdain of democratic values, not to mention American values and power, if this figure can be seen by his followers as anti-establishment, then the establishment they are against must be founded and populated by mostly decent folk. Flawed, yes, but decent. And Trump’s followers are not really motivated by any noble anti-establishment sentiments, but by a deep-seated desire to be part of it, in fact, to control it and have it work exclusively for them. Theirs is envy, and their righteous anger is a reflection of their inability to accept a system that cannot be exclusively controlled by them and working for them.

The same set of motivations seems to apply to Trump himself as well. He, too, feels that he doesn’t belong as well. He is not anti-establishment. His animus is specifically aimed at the American establishment, perhaps because he has never been taken seriously by its members, despite his perceived “successes.” Perhaps he was even ridiculed, and the more he tried to compensate for the rejection he received through his continuing endeavor to build and market his personal brand the more he was ridiculed. Trump is not out to make America great again. He’s out to bring the entire house down.

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