Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hate Speech Or Scholarly Analysis?

The Assad Regime and its Russian allies have been trying for years to bomb moderation into Syria's Sunni population to no avail.

Once we ignore how cause-and-effect work and turn the issue into a chicken-and-an-egg question, then, there will be no reason why this racist screed cannot pass for scholarly analysis.

Indeed, this is the kind of scholarly works that Donald J. Trump himself would have written had he been, as hard as it is to imagine it, an academic rather than an “entrepreneur.”

Some of the fucked up lessons that we can learn from this thoughtful Trumpist piece of scholarly analysis that is challenging the “conventional Western narrative”…  

If Sunni populations escaped from rebel areas, it’s because extremists have taken over, not because the Assad regime is dropping barrel bombs on their heads as the United States watches on.

Sunnis are predisposed to becoming extremists because they are Sunnis. Sunnis are also predisposed to being traitors, that is, agents for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Alawites are not so predisposed to extremism and treason because they are Alawites. That’s why the Assad regime relies on them, not because the Assads are sectarian bastards.

Dogmatic differences between Alawites and Twelver Shia matter, but dogmatic differences between Sunni groups don’t. Wahhabis, Salafis, Sufis, they are all alike. Sunnis are all alike.

The Assad regime built mosques and Qur’an memorization schools for the Sunnis, not as part of a strategy to further divide the Sunni community, no, it did so to placate the Sunnis, because that’s what the Sunnis wanted, since they are all alike.

It’s not the continuous bombing of their communities by the Assad regime and the global indifference to their plight and suffering that ended up fostering extremism among Syria’s Sunni communities, it’s being Sunni. Their Sunnitude is the problem.  

And one can go and on. It’s bullshittery at its finest.

Yet, the piece is bound to be endorsed by a variety of well-established voices responsible for the “conventional Western narrative,” because it’s cool to appear maverick, and even cooler to have some of your own well-established prejudices legitimated.

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