Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Trump Insurgency

Those who think that the Trump Phenomenon will end with a defeat in November are wrong. Trump is already planning for this possibility by claiming that the elections will be rigged. Now, by withholding support to Paul Ryan and John McCain in their reelection bids, he seems to be sending a message to GOP leadership that he intends to shake things up in the Party. Should he lose the upcoming elections, Trump will spend the next 4 years vying for control of the Party, in the hope of running for the high office again in 2020 or even 2024. Or, he will be paving the way for one of his “kids” to do so. First and foremost, Trumps’ move comes as a takeover bid of the Republican Party; the presidency, even if this was not the plan to begin with, seems second on the list. Whatever the case may be, Trump will not go gently into any good night, and his is not a passing phenomenon. Let’s remember here that Hitler lost his first bid to take over power in Germany, but that didn’t stop him.

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