Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11, Briefly

Barrel Bombs (Ammar Abdulhamid): Reflections on Liberty and Revolution Series

9/11: Woke up late. Showered. Dressed. Took the microbus to the Sheraton pool. As I entered, our then Minister of Defense, Mustafa Tlas, a fixture at the pool since his office was located across the street, was already there surrounded by a bigger crowd than the usual sycophants. He was talking cheerily and loudly, and gesturing wildly. When I approached, I began picking up as smattering of words that slowly began to paint the horrifying picture “well—planned,” ingenious,” “did you see when…,” “20,000 to 30,000 dead at least…” So, a terrorist attack took place in New York City killing 20 to 30 thousands people and our Minister is happy. And it just happens to be his boss’ birthday. I did my laps. Went back home. Switched on my TV, turned to CNN international. Fifteen years later, YouTube replaced CNN as my channel of choice to follow the latest developments from around the world. But much of the suffering and dying is now taking place in Syria. Tlas is in exile. His former boss is celebrating what might be his last birthday, or, at least, one of his last few, standing on the rubble of his former fiefdom, enjoying an illusory victory.

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