Thursday, September 22, 2016

We the Hapless

 We breathe the same air but we do not inhabit the same reality. Our decisions are based more on our particularistic perceptions of objective facts than the facts themselves. We could agree on definitions for “good,” “evil,” “crime” and “justice” only as part of some theoretical exercise. In practice, however, we never do. We never will. Nothing is that obvious. Nothing in the “real” world is self-evident. There will always be too many climate change deniers, even after the proverbial shit hit the fan, and a Hitler will always have his admirers, Assad his supporters, and atavistic fatalistic nihilistic notions their ardent fanatic believers. And the mess will go on. Whether the Earth revolves around the Sun or is precariously balanced on the horn of a heavenly bull hardly makes any difference. At any giving moment, there will be those who experience life as a beautiful dream, those who will see it as a crushing never-ending nightmare, and those, the majority perhaps, who will probably always be unaware of its passing and its significance to pause and reflect. At any giving moment, some version of the “truth” prevails over others, actively shaping our lives in accordance with its tenets, even as many of us protest and some of us rebel. Our nature is the same, but our minds are many, for better and for worse.

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